Monday, May 21, 2007

Ok so here is a belly picture. I had to put my hand on there so you could really see as it is not so big yet! I am about a week shy of 4 months. I also put a picture of my first sonigram. The baby is the little bean. This is a VERY early picture from when I was just 7 - 8 weeks so the baby is nothing like this anymore. Jason and I have been able to have another one about a month ago and it was amazing how much more formed the baby was. could see his ( I always call it a him) legs moving around.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Our Blog

Jason and I have decided to start a blog so our friends and family can keep up with us and our new addition that is on the way. We hope that everyone will enjoy seeing and and hearing about all of the excting things that are going on with us now. I am at the end of my 14th week and my tummy is now just starting to show. We heard the heartbeat last week , it was beautiful and strong. We should know the sex of the baby by the end of June and can't wait to find out and share the news with everyone. My bet is a boy, but we will be thrilled no matter what.